nothing soothes the soul quite like saying goodbye to some dead-ends.


it has been an interesting couple of days for me here in provo. perhaps, it is the ending of the honeymoon period--the realization that this is no two week vacation, but rather a three month plopping of the soul in unchartered land.

there are things i miss about new york. like running to the corner store for the raspberries i forgot to get at the market. or evenings on the upper west side when the city finally begins to cool and the streets are empty. love never seems so possible as on a summer evening in new york.

yet even as i write this, i balk at the audacity of saying i miss new york. i mean i do, yes, but utah is so lovely. and the people are so lovely. and guys actually smile at me as i sit slurping my oreo milkshake on the sidewalk outside of sammy's and i feel...dare i say it...beautiful. so while i'm not quite sure how or when or even why my little funk began, it persisted today.

that is, until my haircut.


lisa emailed me when i posted about needing to trim my runaway mane and immediately i knew she was my gal. she's been cutting hair for five years now, working at a well-known salon in salt lake before leaving to take care of her baby boy. currently she works out of a salon in her friend's basement in sandy.


lisa was unbelievably kind and her friend's salon is amazing: dark wood floors, flattering (and very forgiving) lighting, and all the amenities of a normal salon. and here's the kicker, $25 for a haircut. yup, that's it. i just about fell off the seat when she told me that. i pay more than twice that in new york for half (not even) the experience. score-keeper, point to utah, please.


the best part is i left feeling lighter: the funk had begun to lift.

us and audrey

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