Texas - Day 2 of 7

it never rains here.

and i'm from texas where rain is practically a religion.

i love utah, i really do.

but what i wouldn't give for the sky to open up right now...

and to fill me.

i would like to be filled with rain.

yes, that will be my prayer for the next few days.

i won't think of how hard these last two weeks have been.

and i won't think of the uncertainty of the future.

i won't think of my mistakes and many failures.

i'll think about tiny droplets of water. millions of them. plummeting towards the earth. sinking into the ground. tiny droplets of water cleansing the landscape and encouraging growth.

yes, for these next few days i won't pray for life to get easier or for me to be better or for a sudden windfall and the promise of a trip to europe.

i will pray for rain.

yes, just a little rain.