checking in.

my father last night told me my blogging of late has been sporadic at best.

tis true. i apologize. things have been busy on this end.

today we start performing this little show. (are you coming? please come.)

so i woke up actually speaking my lines. half-wake, half-sleep line throughs. it was some kind of actor nightmare.

so here i am. drinking my coffee (calms the nerves). and popping in to say HELLO. YES, I'M HERE! I'M ALIVE.

but before i really start to worry and get nervous about the play tonight (at 7, be there!) i'm moving this morning. to my second abode here in provo.

oh. sigh. long exhale. i cannot tell you how excited i am to be moving. living with girls (that you don't know) can be hard. my least favorite thing? picking something up of the floor and accidentally collecting a clump of hair (that is not your own). and the dirty kitchen.

new friends have taken pity on me and collected me for the stray that i am.

something about living with friends for my last month here in provo seems like perfections.

so i'm off to pack. how do i have so much more than when i first arrived. that's murphy's law, right? or some kinda law?

okay, more anon...