standing in the shower. dreaming.

i took a long shower tonight. let the water rush over me.

closed my eyes and dreamt.

of the corner of 76th and columbus. and its blue storefront.

of cafe aroma's israeli lattes. foam sticking to my upper lit.

of blossom's vegan milkshakes.

of the hudson river and its flourish of green.

of boots and tights and winter hats.

of fall.

of a dingy basement bar open till four that plays nothing but marley.

of the foyer of my apartment building. the marble steps. yellowing light.

of the corner coffee shop on saturday mornings. white counter top before me. coffee and croissant.

of my towering black bookcase and the white speakers my brother got me last christmas.

of my bed. my own bed.

and the lovely family i've cobbled together in that city of millions.

soon enough. soon enough. still got some mountains to climb. figuratively and literally.