one last performance.

closing learly

it is my last day here in utah.

i am busy cleaning and packing and washing and post office-ing and the like.

i have had such a lovely time. have loved getting to meet so many of you. and have learned more than i ever imagined--in fact i imagine i'll be sifting through what i learned here for many, many months to come.

but words cannot express how grateful i am to return to texas tomorrow. to spend ten glorious days sleeping in my four-posted bed. to cook meals with my mother and sit with both my parents on the living room floor as we watch the u.s. open.

and then back to new york. to a life i have worked very hard to build. to a life i am breathlessly grateful for. to subways and roommates and early mornings and the hudson just out the window.

but before i go. there is one last performance tonight. one last chance for me to feel like i've sunk into this tremendous character of juliet (i don't feel like i've gotten it yet--close, but not quite). it's in memorial park (just off of center street in provo) at 7 and i'd so love for you to come. there is nothing like seeing your beautiful faces in the audience. nothing like meeting you after. so bring a blanket, bring some food, and know that we really do begin right at 7 (we're surprisingly prompt in this regard!).

and give me a chance to say thank you and good bye.