a chalkboard headboard. (say that three times fast).

i was in the process of moving into my current apartment when i made the decision to take the three-month hiatus to utah.

it was important to me to lay out the bare bones of my bedroom, but i didn't want to put any time into really stamping the room as "my own" for fear that it would make leaving even harder.

if there was one thing my time in utah taught me, it is that i place a high premium on personal space. in my last weeks there i began dreaming of my apartment, my room, my little corner in the sky. so i scoured design-sponge for ideas.

i wanted to create a headboard of sorts because to me a good headboard signals adulthood. and since i'll be twenty-five in exactly one week, adulthood seems of the utmost import.

i wanted something cheap and easy. i thought of laying fabric over wood. or using coffee-filter pom-poms against the wall as a kind of cloth backdrop. or cutting out wallpaper in the shape of something glorious (anthro has some great prints).

instead i went with the old stand-by: chalkboard paint. it goes well with the dark-wood furniture of my bedroom and it was unbelievably easy and totally imperfect. i think it was the imperfection i found most attractive.

so here you have it...

makin' the bed

chalkboard headboard

all done up

the next step in the development of my "adult" bedroom will be finding proper pillows, the arrival of my reading chair, and figuring out a place for some coffee filter pom-poms (because i love them so). so slow and steady. slow and steady.

in the end my room may not look terribly grown up, but i have a hankering that it will reflect my personal aesthetic. and in the end that's all we can really hope for, right?