a post that feels a bit like housework (but also another song--and this one's even better).

there is a baby actually screaming across the courtyard (to the point that i want to go over and help, or ask them to close their window). and i can hear the tea kettle whistling in someone's apartment. i love the yellow glow of lights early in the morning when the sky is still gray. the clatter of spoons against mugs and bowls. the preparation, readying for the day. oh, the morning.

i'm preparing for a long day of dentist, followed by pursuit of a job with some steady income, followed by babysitting.

so instead of writing a post, i leave you with this:

(i don't mean to be on a music kick, but this is one of the most beautiful songs i've heard in a long, long time {so for the love of pete (of pete's sake fame) listen to it}).

i do promise to post later today (something more than a music video). so check back. i'll update you on my weekend and i'm trying to write down some thoughts on what it means to be back in new york after my time away in utah.

enjoy this wednesday!

(ps: the baby has stopped screaming. phew.)