lovely ladies.

i'm so glad to be back here in the city.

truly, i couldn't be happier.

to be in my own bed. to walk the streets that my feet know so well. to watch the sun rise over the hudson.

and yet. i have found that i am homesick. for the lazy days spent in the car with my mother. and the lazier evenings gathered round the living room table, eating simple foods and watching summer re-runs. homesick for my family, really.

so when on this past saturday morning i got the chance to surround myself with strong, independent, courageous, women--all friends, i thought, well these ladies, they're family too. homesickness, be gone!

lovely ladies in the city

women in white

it was perfection. let it be known, i would like to do this every saturday.

ps: i don't like to brag. but...
i totally spent my saturday with
these blogging superstars:
rockstar naomi (who really is as gorgeous pregnant as you think she is)
natalie of (no) sex and the city fame (who really is as fun as you think she is)
and nat the fat rat (who is nine months pregnant, celebrating a birthday this week, and who i couldn't be happier to welcome to the upper west side)