romeo and juliet via anne shakespeare

i went to school for theatre.

and somewhere along the way life got in the way.

and so i took some time. for myself. to refocus.

and then i agreed to do this little production of romeo and juliet. in utah. to see if i might go back.

and that yielded... well. uncertainty.

and all i wanted--all i want--is some definitive answer. some clear signal to erupt before me.

a friend asked me this week if i feel like an actor. and i said, i don't know.

what does it mean to feel like an actor? truly, i'd like to know. and if i don't know, does that mean i am not one? that i cannot be one?

intellectually i know that we all have different paths. different timelines. but what if i'm not moving forward at all? what if i'm just treading water? standing at the fork in the road