you turn 25 and get creative. (or you turn 25 and find life is still hard and you must get a bit savvier about it).

laundry in the shower (yup, that's right)

time is slipping through my fingers.

i leave in the morning and am gone for the day.

and that's it.

there's one job. and then another. and then this exercise class on top of errands and meetings and on and on.

and i couldn't be happier to be busy.

even if my schedule is up-in-the-air at best. even if there's no time to run to my apartment in the middle of the day. even if i'm just slightly, just a wee bit overwhelmed. and feeling stretched in one hundred directions. even if i'm tired. very, very tired.

truly, i'm so thankful to be employed and engaged and active.

but it was tonight in the middle of my third-ever physique 57 that i though, oh. my god. i stink. that smell, that smell! is that me?!

upon natalie's suggestion (and encouraged by her gorgeous figure) my friend victoria and i have signed up for the newcomer's monthly unlimited. and we're determined to get our money's worth. and to strengthen our bodies, yeah, yeah.

so we went tonight. together. had to schedule ourselves for an "open" class (which means all levels) as opposed to a beginner's class (our level). we were assured by the receptionist we'd be fine. we could simply choose the easiest level of each position.

now let me be very clear here: this was the first physique class i was unable to laugh through. nope, no laughing. it moved passed the ridiculous to the holy-mother-of-what-have-i-gotten-myself-into. i was sweating bullets after five minutes. my legs were shaking violently at ten. and twenty minutes in i thought if asked to stand on only one leg, one more time, i might actually collapse. it was the first class in which i wanted to cry. a beginner is not an open class prepared for! (at least not this open class, at least not with my lackluster natural ability {not to mention i'm tall and i think that just makes everything more difficult--more body to deal with, more natural weight, and don't even get me started on flexibility}).

but because i have a partner in crime (vic) i returned home tonight knowing i'd have to return tomorrow and those stinky clothes simply would not do. unfortunately i only have the one pair of new balance black spandex.

so i got creative. gathered up my socks and pants and bra, plugged the bathtub, poured a little detergent in, dumped the clothes, and proceeded to take a nice, long, hot shower. walking and stomping on the clothes all-the-while.

and as i did so, i thought, this is how i know i'm twenty-five and really living the dream.

or the life.

or something. i'm livin' something.