montclair for the weekend. dreaming of a life.

new york became too much for me this week. it often does, but something about this week did me in. so i headed to montclair, nj (just twenty minutes from the city by bus) for a home-cooked meal, a real look at some fall foliage, and family time.


spider tree

trees on fire


sweedish sugar cake

every time i get off the bus i breathe a little easier. the air is inevitably cooler and fresher and the tree-lined-streets sing me song after song as my feet crunch their way to my aunt and uncle's home. it is a town made for halloween decorations and thanksgiving turkey platters as much as for summer evenings and pick-up baseball games. i love it more each time i go. and i dream of living there. raising a family there. it is respite that speaks to the very recesses of my soul.

1. along the path from the bus to my family's home. 
2. the foliage in front of this house is always overwhelming. 
3. trees on fire.
4. i couldn't get over the halloween directions.
5. the sweedish sugar cake my aunt made to celebrate my birthday. delightful, in every possible way. (i had two mammoth slices). 

(i like the way olivia rae details her pictures with numbers, so i am indeed following her lead in this format).