a question for you...

the picture in the latte

encased goodies

requisite photo of self

sweet or savory? sweet, please.


i've been working on finding balance in all areas of my life. work. health. time. space. 
and so i promised myself that on this, my one day off, i'd enjoy it. 

and new york acquiesced. as i exited my building, i swung the door open to find four (five?) strapping, young fireman standing in the narrow entry. my knees buckled, i swooned, and right then and there i decided i've never loved new-york-city-living so much as i did in that very moment.

then i met my dear friend alex who i love for oh-so-many-reasons (and who i loved most especially today because he used the word lascivious during our conversation). we talked of the aforementioned balance, a nagging lack of courage, romantic prospects and then to finish it off we stood over the food case and debated sweet v. savory. to which i replied: how can one choose? because i can't imagine why one would want to. i'll take both. at the same time, please. 

so, but now i wanna know... sweet or savory? what do you think? do tell...