fed: product placement

i woke up exhausted this morning. so exhausted that after i poured my first cup of coffee, i left the coffee maker on, knowing i might go back for a second.

today will be hard. the hardest day of the week. from job number one to job number two. all day. and i will be wiped. and when i reach this level of exhaustion i tend to overeat. i know this now. i didn't know this before. i'd be eating and eating and eating and think, why am i eating? and after a lot of work and the help of some very smart people i was able to identify that i sometimes mix the signals (read: very often mix the signals). in fact, i would say, eighty percent of the time when i'm overeating and i'm not sure why (meaning it's not anxiety or fear or trying to push away some uncomfortable emotion--or the inevitable i'll-eat-more-because-i've-already-eaten-so-much guilt) it is exhaustion or thirst. crossed-wires if you will.

so today i just know that i need to be aware. and a little careful.

i've already promised myself a cab ride home tonight (ah, the luxury) and a saturday morning of sleeping in for however long i'd like--the promise of these things will help me avoid any kind of a meltdown (i hope).

but until then i'd thought i'd share some products i really like--products that taste good, make me feel good, and keep me on a healthy track.

i'm a snacker. this much you should know. if given the chance, i'd nosh on snacks always. so, many of these fall into that snack category...


when i get that urge for chocolate, instead of reaching for the bag of m&ms' i head to whole foods for these bad boys. because then i satisfy the chocolate craving and sneak a little fruit in a long the way: goji berries! (i also enjoy the chocolate covered mulberries). be forewarned: they are very expensive (like 4 dollars for a bag) but i don't get them everyday.


i love these chik'n patties. they make for such an easy lunch or dinner. put on a bun, bagel, or bread of any kind with a little ketchup, they satisfy the burger queen within. i despise (despise!!) any kind of faux meat products made from soy, which these are not. on a side note: if in new york city and in need of a good veggie burger i suggest 5 napkin burger or hillstone {known as houston's almost anywhere else in the country}.


i love the texture of barbara's oatmeal snackimals. animal crackers with a twist, i say!

Stonyfieldremember when i made my infamous ice cream pie? i used four ice cream pints--three of which were stonyfield nonfat frozen yogurt. they taste quite good and the plain and vanilla and chocolate variety have only 100 calories per serving (meaning the whole pint is only 400 calories). now, let me be clear, i don't believe in counting calories--in fact, i loathe it and find it damaging. but when i bring a pint of ice cream home--there is always the chance i might eat the whole thing in one sitting (i know, i know, i'm working on it). but with these bad boys, when i eat the whole thing at least i know i haven't done some huge disservice to my body. 

pop chipshave you had pop chips yet? i love them (most especially the sea salt and vinegar variety!). unlike most low calorie foods these bad boys pack a punch and don't leave that odd and elusive empty taste in your mouth.

alrighty, that's all for now. happy snacking! (ignore the strange layout--i struggle when working with small images).