so many lights, so few ornaments

subway mural

all aglow

i got me some antlers!

santas take to the streets

big red balls

little tree of wonder

christmas village

i couldn't get out of bed yesterday morning. the king of can't-get-out-of-bed where you feel like if you do you'll end up losing yesterday's lunch or find yourself collapsed on the bathroom floor. 

so i didn't. get out of bed. not really.

in fact the only things i accomplished yesterday was the chipping away at the bags under my eyes (as seen in the antler picture {sigh}), stringing the bottom half of my tree, scaring the ups delivery man (that's another story) and brushing my teeth. i was a sorry sight. it was a sorry day. 

but today: i'm up. the laundry is in the dryer. and i've already managed to shower. 


and as i go about my day, getting all the many things done despite my desire to hide under the covers, i will allow the christmas decorations to spur me on--to keep me plodding about the manhattan streets. 

perhaps i'll count how many christmas trees i come across today...