i'm a little bit granola. and i like my music a little folk-y. so on this lovely friday morning i leave you with these two little nuggets of my week. the first a video by a seattle band, the head and the heart (which of course i became aware of by one of your blogs that now for the life of me i can't seem to get back to) and the second, a gorgeous piece of writing that simultaneously filled me with such wonder, sadness, and love.

this weekend i plan to finally get some christmas shopping done. run the errands that have been on my list for far too long to count. and have a little fun: pictures forthcoming!

There is nothing scarier than the first time you see the weakness in your rock, the frailty of your human pillar. The mortal state looks lighter and too thin. The choices become yours and you desperately and fleetingly beg your mind to recall the instruction manual you need to believe you've been subconsciously writing all your life. There had been contridiction between instruction and action- but not much. It always felt clear what she meant. You wonder passively if when she moves on, her voice- no, her standards- will still live on the ground floor of your heart. Holding all you've done up in a billowing skyscraper of "stuff".

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