happy december 22.

my hair is pinned up in a faux bob this morning--an attempt to do something with last night's leftover curls. it's surely messy.

i'm off to do some christmas shopping. yup, i'm that girl. i'm so that girl. that girl. (in fact, i'm that girl who's now afraid she's just not gonna get it all done).

i have to work this christmas season so i'm stuck in new york. and i've been stuck in a bit of a funk as of late, but yesterday i had this sudden thought (i'll tell you about that later) and the funk has lifted and i'm left remembering that often the unconventional holidays are the most meaningful.

even if i'm not home, i'm with family. and holidays are about attitude, if nothing else.

so this morning i leave you with another head and the heart clip. i've been listening to them non-stop. i love this video because it just seem so darn joyous. imperfect and a little rough around the edges: human. pure light.