january plows (bulldozes, rather) on.

it was not a great day. i won't bore you with the details (because in the grand scheme of thing--they're all just details) but let's just say: it. was not. a great. day.

it certainly doesn't help that i got a wee of a pinpoint headache two days before the new year which grew and grew and grew and then seemed to explode on the first of january. but with a little medicine and a good night of sleep it passed.

but alas it appeared again. this morning. on the opposite side.

i get these headaches  at the back of my head to the right and the left of the occipital joint. (yup, i said occipital joint--that's juilliard schooling for you, i did learn some impressive things).

go ahead and google search pinpoint headaches. occipital pinpoint headaches, at that. and see how you feel after reading some of the literature out there. (this is why doctors tell patients not to google. and not to panic).

so i'm not panicking. because it's probably just stress. (and january).

yup, it's probably just january.

because perhaps the things that made today so... very-not-good... will--in the end--prove bountiful blessings:

the gift of time. the impetus to move on from relationships that are no longer meaningful. the courage to take risks.

time will tell. and tomorrow is a new day.

(and yes, i dare say january is the practice-round for the rest of the year--it's okay if it's something of a disaster. in fact, why not fail a lot now?).