the post that didn't happen today. and left us with this.

i was going to do a post today entitled:

physique 57: the three month update

because yes, i've been doing it for three months. can you believe that? i can't. it feels like weeks. or years. but not three months.

and the post was going to be a fed (and remission of ned) update. because they're all connected--exercise and food and mental acuity, or some such.

but alas. the post did not happen.

and i'm sitting here typing this with a bag of ice under my left foot wondering if i have a deeply pulled muscle in the ball of my foot. or if it's a stress fracture. and please God, don't let it be a stress fracture.

(and maybe i have some cream on my upper lip to curb the encroaching female lip hair {read: mustache}). too much sharing? oh man, i'm never gonna find someone willing to tolerate this crazy.

and the laundry that i was meant to do a week ago is just now in the washer.

i'm thinking at the end of this month i might throw a party just to celebrate january's inevitable end (and it is inevitable, right?).

that is all for today. pathetic, i know.

i leave you with a gratuitous self-portrait. (because i read somewhere that people who constantly take photos of themselves end up looking the best on camera because they learn all their angles and how to be confident and yada, yada, yada...and because i have this thing (read: tremendous fear) of having my picture taken i've been working on it...


gratuitous self-portrait

see you back here tomorrow for the physique update?