remember when i tweeted that one of my new year's resolutions was going to be to finally start a book club...

i'd like to move in. right now. right here.

1. it's amazing that i tweeted anything at all, because--let's be honest--i'm not a champion twitter-er.
and 2. i'm thinking if i actually make good on my tweet, then good things will surely follow.

so mark it down:

book club 
(yes, i'm calling it book club--just that--don't hate)
Sunday, February 13.
1:00 pm.

be there or be square. 

if you're in new york city (or nearby), please come. 

i don't want to hear any of this, oh i'm a stranger--she'll think i'm weird for showing up--yada, yada, yada. 

nonsense, i'm inviting you. and i expect you to be there. 

now the only question remaining: 
what shall be our first read?

suggestions, suggestions... (please).

{if you will be able to attend
please email me for directions
and details.}

photo: my friend vicky took and then tagged me 
this photo after posting it to facebook--
said it reminded her of me. 
that simple though simply made my day.