friday. how did we get here?

somehow this week got away from me. i chock it up to a few things: 1. another foot (at least) of snow pounding down on the city 2. the realization that these allergies keep my brain working at half-speed (if that)--i'm doing things now like washing my face with shampoo (painful. don't try) and 3. the slow ticking of things off of my life to-do list.

it is this last thing that keeps me going. reminds me why i've remained in this city. small steps, slow steps.

i'll announce the giveaway winner on monday. i can't thank you all enough for the kind and encouraging response. my heart swells at your kindness. and i owe you each a debt of gratitude for your goodness.

for now i leave you with my version of eye-candy... (and the promise {or hope} of some more interesting posts next week.

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