an apology. and a giveaway winner.

my mother pointed out today that i'm a bad blogger. 
i promised to announce the giveaway winner on friday
then i pushed it to monday.
and now it's tuesday.

sometimes life gets the better of you. 

but my mom's right. that's not fair. by not following through i undermine the validity of my words and i undercut the value of the giveaway itself--its worthy cause, and the enormity of the response by you all.

so i must apologize.


i was so honored to sponsor a giveaway by nakate and so excited by how you all responded. 

and i hope to do another giveaway soon. just to thank you all. for reading and responding and filling me to the brim each and every day. 

so without further ado. the necklace goes to:

email me at with your information.