because enough people asked...

the food in the pictures from yesterday was from parish cafe on boylston street. its menu is comprised mostly of sandwiches, each one created by a different local and acclaimed chefs.

my brother and i ordered corn cakes to begin. and from there i got the portobello sandwich and well, i can't remember what he got, but i'm pretty sure he liked it.

it was there on saturday afternoon that my brother explained his theory that all females are crazy (i do not disagree) and how a man's tolerance for said crazy is related to her level of attractiveness (though they are not directly proportional because the correlative line curves {or something like that...remember it's been a really long time since i've taken a math class--i don't remember how to talk about it all}).

parish cafe


menu: parish cafe


my chart

that top line reads: meg's uncertainty zone. from there connor's broken the chart into three sections: (1) too crazy (2) good and (3) marry now (or as he said, lock it down). i do think my brother has overestimated my level of crazy, but live and let live...who knows, maybe he's right.