book club: second book

it is officially march 20. which meant i officially woke up to a phone call from my bank that my account had been overdrawn (all those silly first of the month automatic withdrawals {not to worry i quickly corrected it}). and more importantly the second book club meeting is officially 20 days away and i haven't even announced the book (i'm a disaster).

so here goes. we discussed a few different titles at the last meeting, but we didn't put it to a vote so i'm gonna claim executive power and pull one from left field:

the paris wife by paula mclain

my reasoning? okay:

1. set in paris

2. in the 1920's

3. told from the perspective of ernest hemmingway's first wife (hemmingway, history, and a love story?)

twenty days is not a lot of time to read a book. i apologize. but that being said, even if you don't finish the book i expect you to get your little bum in gear and attend the next meeting.

march 20, 3pm

email me at for the location.

ps: we will vote on the 3rd book at the next meeting so that i'm not tempted to invoke executive power once more.

question: for those who like to follow along at home is there some way i can make this whole experience more satisfying for you?