the best thing about going to juilliard...

...was getting to see the dancers at work. hands down. best part. world renown choreographers would come in and put on these shows. and holy smokes. it was like moving light on a stage. all of it.

but a few times a year the students would make their own pieces. and in the end there was nothing more remarkable than that. 

many sunday mornings a little band of us--myself (an actor), two dancers, and a bassist would traipse to some part of the city to put on an hour-long variety show at a nursing home or aids facility or the like. and each sunday, carolyn would perform the solo from the video below. and each sunday it took my breath away.

so when this popped up on my facebook this morning i just had to share. carolyn (the lead in the middle) is really something.

i don't get to see everyone dance anymore. not all together at least. and i don't act so much myself now. but i see something like this and i remember:

once upon a time we all made magic.

(we still do, yes, but it's different. changed.)

choegraphed by bret easterling.
song: die alone by ingrid michaelson
dancers: carolyn rossett, rachelle rafailedes,
charlotte bydwell, allysen hooks, 
sarah murphy, julia stiefel, 
chelsea ainsworth, esmye boyce, 
stephanie amurao