to my one-day-pal:

hair color

dear love,

i get blue. sometimes. often, maybe. i lean in that direction. and then, sometimes more, i lean into it. the blue.

and when i do, i can be convinced--or rather, i convince myself--that, well... a change in hair color can change my life.

yes. hair color.

and the thing is. it doesn't. and i end up hating it. and spending far too much time scrub-a-dub-dubbing it away in the shower.

so in those moments--those quiet lulls when you feel me fading, pull me close, kiss my lips, and promise that you won't let me touch my tresses--because you think they're perfect just as they are.

hell, you think i'm perfect just as i am.

love, love,

the girl with the hair with the auburn cast (for now)