dreaming of...

it's grey and wet here in new york. and cold.
i can hardly fathom how long this winter has gone on.
i have yet to take my inaugural spring walk through central park. yet to enjoy an afternoon sitting on the benches in fort tryon. yet to consume my first sidewalk meal of the season (and much as i don't care for the city sometimes, eating outside as the crowds careen by is one of the great joys of my life).

but i believe--i have to believe--that spring is near. that time of year when i can subsist on nothing but iced lattes--when the feel of an ice cream cone in my hand against a breeze that promises summer is the highlight of the fading day.

so the promise--or hope--of spring has me thinking of clean lines, lace curtains, white, bay windows, stripes, and...breakfast foods (as it turns out).


Cinnamon buns


afternoon tea for lunch


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