my manhattan: photos new and old.

preparing to move down the hall has turned my room into something of a disaster. 
why? see, i like to sit and cull through it all--remarking and remembering and smelling old pages. but this culling and smelling and such moves at a snail's pace and isn't terribly effective--so i'm about two seconds from pulling out trash bags and dumping half of everything i own.
but i will say, it has served to get me to look through my college, hand-written journal (please lord don't let anyone ever find it. pure drivel.) as well as my quickly accumulating photos. so for this week's my manhattan i thought i'd show a few new and old (those that for whatever reason never made the cut back in the day, but i love nonetheless).

george washington bridge

waiting for the A

thinking. clearly

twinkle, twinkle



downtown door

just can't get enough

1. the george washington bridge from my morning walk vantage point. fall 2009.
2. waxing poetic in queens. spring 2011.
3. waiting for the A at 168. spring 2011.
4. outside the bowery ballroom. winter 2011.
5. restaurant decor on 187th. fall 2009.
6. this week's bathroom shot. spring 2011.
7. wandering around downtown. winter 2010.
8. noah and the whale at the bowery. winter 2011.