happy weekend!

i had the loveliest week here in blog-land. thanks to you all. i'm off to work now but have much of the weekend off. i intend to clean (some sprucing up of my new corner of this castle in the sky is in order), celebrate easter with friends, bake up a storm (shhh, don't tell but the gift for my randomly chosen follower {rebecca, who was informed on tuesday (see, mom?)} will be a rock-hard-solid-loaf-of-soon-to-be-famous banana bread), and then venture out on a little twitter-inspired photo expedition.

i hope you all have a lovely weekend. whether you're celebrating a holiday, just recovering from one, or going about the day-to-day enjoy the earth's renewal in whatever way you choose!

(swooning over the above image from toast's 
catalog--a company with their own ethical manifesto 
{happy earth-day!}).