it is may, today.

it was over a month ago that i saw noah and the whale in concert. which means it's been more than a month that i've now inundated you with videos and posts gushing over my love for them.

it was the following song that did me in. that called out to the very deepest part of me. maybe it's the roundabout reference to hamlet, or the gospel undertones, or the simplicity of it...

but as my friend dion says, it is my jam.

so in honor of may and my great hopes for this month i offer this one (my very favorite) up to you:

day by day, old joy, comes back to me. 

let it be a good month.

ps: (in search of the very best {and inexpensive} letter pressing company to print this quote in simple dark blue or black lettering on a white background. thinking it will look really great in a giant frame in this new corner room i so love. any ideas of good people to contact?)