what i'm eating.

avo on toast

green monster


arugula and capers

my jam

because i posted about ned this week, i thought it only fair to let you in on some of the small daily choices that keep me feeling satisfied and strong. 

i'm at point in the process of learning to eat well where my great focus is not calories or quantity, but the quality of the foods i put in my body. i want simple foods. vegetables and fruits. foods that are as unprocessed as possible.

spring and it's trademark warm weather is certainly allowing for some fresh and vibrant choices. what follows is something of a my spring-time playlist: 

1. avocado on toast. (or if you're feeling really adventurous, avocado + tomato + lemon juice + a sprinkle of salt {on toast}). this one is as easy as it comes, but a little concoction that i'll eat morning, noon, or night. i had it the first morning i arrived in australia two years ago and i've been eating it ever since. i'm almost always a sweet person, but in the morning savory is my jam, so i turn to this staple again and again. for bread i usually use those new 100 calorie bread rounds (whole grain, not multi grain) or ezekiel food for life (sold at your local trader joe's or whole foods). for me the lemon is the best part--the natural flavor and sweetness makes me think i'm eating nature's own version of candy.

2. green monster. i'm not a fan of this smoothie the way everyone else is. i don't love it. sometimes i don't even like it. but i tolerate it. because i know it's good for me. and i know that sometimes we have to eat things strictly because they're good for us. and if i can manage to start my day off with something so loaded in fruits and veggies i'm much more likely to make positive food choices all the live long day. made of spinach, banana, ground flax seeds (you gotta grind those suckers yourself each day for the best health benefits--let me suggest a free-standing coffee grinder which can be purchased for about ten bucks), and almond or rice milk.

3. potato chips (otherwise known as fries). potatoes are one of my most beloved staples. cheap and easy and pretty darn filling. lately i've been taking two small white potatoes cutting them nice and thing, mixing in a tiny bit of virgin olive oil and salt and baking at 400 until they start to crisp. serve with ketchup and voila, done.

4. arugula and capers. it should be known that despite my weariness regarding their appearance, my love for capers knows no bounds. and then there's arugula. the spicy, little firecracker of the lettuce family. together? my spring meal of choice. i dress in a tiny bit of a combination of olive oil and walnut oil (with lemon if desired) and salt. and if you'r feeling really adventurous, add toasted pine nuts.

5. cookie crumble concoction. i will forever be indebted to uncle eddie's cookies. their chocolate-oatmeal-walnut flavor is the best i've ever tasted--and i've tasted a lot. to this day, i can't bring a bag of eddie's cookies home because i lose all control (i eat the bag all at once, one sitting). but what uncle eddie really gave me was the knowledge that vegan baked goods can be incredibly good. so i went about attempting to make my own. and so i made banana bread and raw cookies and a version of the girl scout somoa. this last thing was not my great triumph--it was a tricky, little recipe that produced something resembling brittle. that being said, this week i came up with my own little free-standing cookie mix that is a cross between almond-joy and the samoa. ready? okay: in a food processor put raw cashes, raw almonds, a ton of uncooked rolled oats, a small amount of coconut oil, agave (and vanilla should you so choose). if you're feeling really adventurous add in unsweetened coconut flakes and ground flax seeds for amped-up health benefits. i eat the mixture as a crumble as opposed to fashioning it into cookie bites or balls because that consistence allows for less oil and agave. put in a cup with a few vegan chocolate chips and it's heaven--truly, the best thing i've ever made. i'm at the point now where i just eye the proportions, but next go round i'll try to measure it out and give you all a proper recipe. for now the most important thing to say is that i put more almonds than cashews (it's a heart healthier nut and adds tropical texture).