small fries.

i almost started to cry yesterday, during work.

because working on a sunday is hard enough: i'm always most aware of my own family being elsewhere. and a not terribly near elsewhere, at that.

and because i've been working so much lately. and i've lost track of all days of the week. and i find i'm exhausted. all the time. and so my lenten resolution of keeping a clean living space has fallen by the wayside. and yes, yes, i know lent is over! but it turns out the resolution was quite helpful and kept me quite calm and so yes, i've decided to carry it into the rest of the year. after all, my corner castle is much more enjoyable when the bed is made and the trash is put away and i don't have dishes stockpiled on the bookcase.

and i meant to write this morning about man kryptonite, because i have indeed unearthed the thing and how cannot i not share that discovery? actually i've been meaning to write about it for a few days now--it's that exciting and dangerous--the power must be shared. but not today. perhaps, tomorrow? you'll meet me back here tomorrow for that? fantastic.

and i have little writing ideas typed into the notes sections of my iphone but that autocorrect was at it again leaving me with a note of no sense and i have this wily, little notion that the autocorrect transformed what i wanted to say into something of no meaning: Nick there in the evenings. that's what it says. but i have no idea who this nick character is or why i should feel the need to write about him?  nick, nick! are you out there? who are you?

oh goodness this post itself is a thing of no sense. i have a long day before me. of one job beginning at ten followed by the closing shift at another which ensures at least a twelve/thirteen hour work day (this thought may have been the one to bring tears to the brink last night). am i complaining yet? i'm good at complaining.

i know. small fries, this stuff. small fries. and not forever.

because there is so much good for which i can give thanks. for the sun casting it's glow over manhattan on this day. for the promise of a meeting with an old friend tomorrow. for the concert on friday. oh, yes, and my family and my health and on and on...

happy monday, then. non?