you'd like to leave me with a little life advice? why, yes, please, come in, take off your shoes, advise away...

well of creativity-dry

the thing about working way too much at a myriad of jobs that, while you're extremely grateful they pay all the sky-high bills associated with living in new york city and while you're extremely grateful they're still around while you're for the first time--at the age of twenty-five, mind you--learning how to save, they zap you of energy. because they are not the means to something else, they are not in any way associated with your great artistic loves. 

and when you find yourself with a day off for the first time in...two weeks, maybe? maybe more? you don't get out of your pajamas until around three, and only then because the promise of target is too much to resist (because the promise of target is really the promise of st. ives apricot scrub, and a new lamp, and maybe a new pair of kick-around-summer-shoes). 

the hardest thing about being exhausted all the time is that my healthy eating habits fly out the window. i confuse exhaustion for hunger and then guilt barrels in and before i know it i feel like i've taken two steps back.

so today, on this, my day-off. i plan to realign. i will head to target for the necessities (toilet paper, paper-toweling, and soap among other things). i will make a batch of cheesy kale chips to allow for healthy-snacking. i will clean the kitchen and the bathroom and scrub between my toes. i will light a candle and say a prayer and give thanks. i will reacquaint my body with some form of movement. i will organize the junk drawer that is more junk than drawer and i will try to be kind to myself. to forgive myself. to allow my mistakes and triumphs to live in harmony.

so, on this day--this day of "day-off" celebration, i ask you this...

when you feel like your little locomotive has jumped the tracks (the locomotive being your life, in case that was unclear) how do you get back on? what are the rituals you subscribe to that bring about balance and self-love and a little stability?