what i'm eating.

cottage cheese on toast


"cheesy" kale chips

chocolate pretzel

all natural pb on toast

i am a firm believer that not only do our tastes change over time, but we have the power to actively change how we taste and enjoy food. 

the way in which to do this is simple: give up fake sugars. and cut out overly processed food. and if it the rest of your life is a slow process of learning how to do this? so be it. health is not a sprint.

1. toast with cottage cheese. simple, light, filling, and high in protein. need i say more?

2. strawberries. naked, raw, whatever you want to call it, have them just as they are. enjoy the warm weather and the fruits it has to offer.

3. "cheesy" kale chips. a few months ago, on a whim, i bought a dehydrator. now i've made some really foolish financial investments over the years, but i'm learning. this one has yet to prove itself as a sound investment, because to-date i've only really made these kale chips in it. so if anyone has some great recipes involving a dehydrator, please, send them my way! these chips consist of kale dressed in a sauce made of cashews, nutritional yeast, red bell pepper, a bit of lemon juice, agave, and green onions. they sit in the dehydrator for 12+ hours. i'm a snacker. that's my food profile in a nutshell. and since most snacks out there are not super healthy these kale chips are a great option for me. (though not totally realistic for most people, i get that).

4. chocolate covered pretzel. as well as enjoying snacks, i'm also realizing my sweet tooth is bigger than most. this little chocolate covered pretzel (asher's; dark chocolate variety) is the perfect size to really satisfy my cravings while still feeling like a big indulgence. it's only 110 calories and while i don't count calories i like to know it's a lot less than a snickers or some other traditional candy bar. 

5. peanut butter on toast. sweet, salty, protein-packed and filling. need i say more?

what's everyone else eating now? anything seasonal that you want to suggest?

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