book club. and a wee of a tea at...oh, you know, random house.

random house

wall of wonder



somehow, someway i got myself on some list. and this list yielded an invitation to a random house reader's circle tea. 

and because i'm trying to adopt a philosophy of why not? i went.

despite the fact that i didn't know anyone, despite the fact that upon entering the elevator i was asked if i was a blogger and if i was did i have a card (i did not), despite the fact that fear usually wins out...

i went.

and it was swank.

grapefruit mimosas.

a tote to fill with books. (free books!). 

a speech given by lisa see.

swank! i say.

this does remind me, however, i have yet to announce a book club date for bossypants.

june 4 (trying something new with a saturday): 2:30 pm. same location as our last meeting (if you've forgotten or didn't attend the last go round send me an email at

as always, we welcome new readers, new attendees, and encourage boyfriends and husbands alike!