saturday morning movie date

i believe in crying the way most people believe in exercise.

that it should be engaged in often and that it's essential for the health of the body.

i'm in need of a cry. a good cry, a solid cry. i'm not terribly sure why, all i know is  i can feel my body calling out for it.

usually when this happens there's a backlog of tears and i never find the release until that fated moment when i hit the top of my head on the underside of the bathroom's standing sink.  it doesn't hurt much--it never does--but it results in pretty substantial heaves and me crumpled despairingly against the cool tiles of the bathroom floor. (i've lived a life on that bathroom floor).

to prevent this i'm taking myself to the movies this morning. a date! for (with) myself!  i've indulged in a medium soy chai latte (fear of soy and sugar be damned today!). a six dollar movie ticket, a cool, dark theatre, and a space in which to silently water my soul? huzzah! (does that sound dramatic and cliche? that watering of the soul? oh but it is! this is all serious and important work i'm going about.)

alright, must be off, i'll let you know how it goes.

image credit: unknown
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