off to take a nap...

i have yet to unpack my suitcase. yet to do laundry. my apartment is in disarray.

i barely slept this weekend. well, that's not true, i slept. just not enough. not enough to counteract all the sun and all the drinking and dancing and living of life.

and i've barely slept since arriving home to new york where the air is sweet and cool in the mornings and blazing hot in the afternoons.

so after running errands all morning i'm lying down for a nap.

life is so good. it's so good right now. as hard as it still is i'm just so happy at this moment.

so while i sleep i leave you with another's a week of music.

the vaccines was the first band i saw on friday morning. and i have to tell you, i really have a thing for brits. this song is on repeat in my home.