lollapalooza playlist

my parents send me clippings from the newspaper if they think it'll strike my fancy (or if they think it's something i should know). recently the new york times did an article on beirut and zach condon, asking him about his influences and what inspires him. he spoke about attempting to find a clarity of vision--of how when something means more it's a bit more terrifying to put out there--to really reveal yourself. 

but what really got me, what really made me laugh out loud on the subway was when the interviewer asked: is your band dressing better? (zach had just referenced chico buarque and how he used to dress up impeccably each evening and how he himself was trying to adopt some of that attitude)

zach responded: i'm trying to force them all to wear suit jackets. i'm sick of seeing 30-year-old men in new york look like toddlers, wearing sweatpants and flip-flops. 

me too, zach, me too. there is nothing quite like a man who can wear a suit really well. 

now a full week after my lollapalooza adventure, i offer you just a small smattering of some of my favorite songs of the festival...