men's fashion. yup, that's the blog subject on this morning

i have to tell you men in denim shirts are everywhere.

and i am helpless to resist any of them. any-a-one.

the first night i was in chicago, my girlfriend amanda and i headed out to a bar (remind me to tell you that story later on--it's not a bad one) and i spent the night with my eye on a guy from france in a light, blue, denim, long-sleeved thing of wonder.

heaven was he in that shirt!

and then i returned to new york and voi-la! they are everywhere--men in denim shirts are everywhere!

is it just me or did this happen overnight?

and the thing is, i've yet to see a bad-looking guy try to pull one off.

{okay, okay, there was that one man, but it was a short-sleeved denim shirt and we were in midtown, and well, it just did not work, so i'm gonna chalk that one up to, the half-sleeve missing}.

and then there's the matter of the new haircut going round. shaved on the sides, full on top. very old-school, military. or something.

lord help me, sometimes i just adore being young, single, and unafraid to gawk.

and gawk i do.

photo via the sartorialist (obv).