ferreting out friday! (and hello fall in nyc).

{i know everyone does this. i know, i know! i know i am going where almost all bloggers have gone before in doing this. but, confession? i love when people do these link lists. (especially the one go fug yourself puts up every friday afternoon). and then i had this thought! the links i list might just differ from most. and maybe some people will like these little jewels i've culled together. so let's give it a go, shall we?}

(in other news, fall barreled into new york last night--literally, it just ploughed right in. so this morning i removed the fan from the corner of my room, lit a pumpkin-inspired candle, and gave some serious thought to donning a pair of boots for the rest of the day. oh fall, you and i, kid. you and i).

one of the loveliest love stories ever told.

i was not impressed by serena william's behavior during the final of the us open. (in fact, as an american, i was embarrassed by it).

my love for aziz ansari knows no bounds. (hint: food and fashion).

i believe in the printed word. but how much of say will i have in it, and for how long? this makes my heart ache (though not so much as visiting a borders a few days ago and seeing all the empty shelves). 

but then again, there's this. whatever the truth may be, i like my bookcase sans doors, thank you very much.

i grew up in a house where tennis was sacred. this one's for my parents.

a call to honor september 11th.

a gorgeous, important letter to young chefs (and to anyone who may ever pick up a spatula). 

kate middleton as the anti-kardashian? brilliant. 

i literally had this song on re-play for nearly the whole of the week. i can't stop listening to it. (i'm seeing portugal. the man in october and am nearly beside myself with excitement).

found here.