to those who may be in the business of granting birthday wishes...

i turn 26 in less than two weeks. and my trepidation at the larger number has me wanting to celebrate
it all! and intensely! i want to see my friends and throw a party and stay out all night dancing and ask for extravagant gifts because...why not?! well, i know why not, but i can at least ask for them, no?

three things topping my list:

1. a really nice camera bag. yes, this one is expensive. but here's how i think of it: i spent a lot of money on my camera. i want to invest in the very thing that will help protect it. i want it to be stylish so i can feel good about lugging it (and thus the camera) anywhere and i want it to be able to double as a place to put my wallet. so for a purse/camera bag...steal, i say! or, at least, wise investment.

2. dinner at pure food and wine. the food is vegetarian, vegan, and raw (not to mention organic and local). not everyone's food dream, it is mine.

3. a record player. because why not?

there are of course other things i an unlimited, lifetime supply of massages from my favorite place on 80th or a facial at bliss or even a reflexology session at angel feet in the west village. but for now, i'll stick with these three.

(for anyone who might remark on how expensive this all is: it's a wish/dream list and a birthday/christmas wish list, at that.
and i don't expect to get everything i ask for so calm down, already).