ferreting out friday (on monday, as it is).

i always know when i'm getting sick because i feel like i can't breathe. a constriction of air in the chest. panic. that's always where it begins. lack of breath. tightness in the chest.

{i'm be the girl lathered in vick's vapo rub even before the first grumbling of the stomach flu}. no relation. those two things have no relation. so my mind moves.

this go round it was strep. and something about sickness...it makes me so terribly lonely. suddenly i'm eight again, but there's no one there to rub my back until i fall sleep.

thus i was a miserable human being this weekend. and i'm still a bit batty--feeling like the medication should be working faster.

but a patience is a virtue. just not my virtue. {le sigh}. i'm working on it.

(so let's pretend i posted what follows last friday. we can all imagine, can't we?)...

i really like portugal. the man. (the band). so much so that i find myself trolling their facebook page and enjoying this, this, and mostly this. (don't think i haven't slept on a chocolate bar myself. i was so confused when i woke up).

seeing these guys at the bowery ballroom this week. so much has changed since i saw them last february. will be interesting to mark the passage of time while listening to their gorgeous words.

did you catch the season premiere of parks and recreation? it may or may not be true that all of my references (and best jokes) are now directly related to this show.

the kettle can wait, indeed.

happiness is...

this song is on repeat. repeat. repeat.

some version of a fall uniform, perhaps?

really craving an excuse to get dressed up.

don't know who to credit this photo to.
would very much like to as it is some
form of heaven in picture form.