linking up.

the coolest thing since sliced bread: laura marling in concert recorded by npr. {damn, that girl is good}.

notes on writing. (i certainly, somewhat sheepishly, identify with that last one). {and lord help me, i hope my husband one day calls me a supernova of a human being}.

putting raw hemp on a salad the other day, i decided to google just why it was good for me. i found this. if half of this stuff is true, well then it's time for a new industrial revolution...hemp may just save the world!

i always thought ambivalence meant not caring. i had the meaning wrong. was i the only one? it means caring in two directions...two contradictory directions. i find ambivalence exhausting, but this essay exhilarating.

pumpkin oatmeal? 'tis the season.

the next cake i'll attempt to make.

definitely the kind of woman i wanna be.