i'm back.


just about two weeks after getting a brand-spankin-new-macbook pro last july there was an incident.

it involved an eight a.m. skype date to australia, a wee bit of coffee, a spill, and then a hairdryer.

the computer came out okay (or so i thought). the loss of the caps-lock key and sticky shift seemed manageable.

but then the trackpad stopped working just about a week ago. so into the store we went. i copped to the water damage, batted my eyes, and begged for mercy.

the genius kindly obliged. checked it in under tier-four damage and waved the fee (water damage is not covered under warranty).

but in helping this working-girl out, the genius did so with a caveat:  it was incumbent on me to get a protective case and a silicone cover for the keys.

he fixed this lovey of mine. and i obliged. case and cover procured.

we're back in business, baby.

(though, can i admit something? a week with no computer? no endless surfing, beholden to no one and no thing...it was nice. i'm not gonna lie. it was really nice).