getting over the hump.

a little mid-week eye candy to get us all over the hump that is wednesday...

this tumblr is right up my alley. {especially this one. and how bout this?}

holy heck, this wedding is one of the most beautiful i've ever seen.

uh-oh, i best start reading. and really fast.

this girl just gets it. talk about wisdom.

so does this one: it's all going to be okay.

political and religious views aside, this is really something. (in the end it's all about love).

one of my very favorite noah & the whale songs in perfect video form.

i'm gonna level with you, my mind keeps coming round to these two blog posts: first this one. and then the central notion of this one--that two people have to come to a relationship after choosing, fighting, working for personal happiness.

(image found here).

here's to the rest of the week!