fresh flowers

what's on the table

knowing looks

messy tables


finding her light

with naomi

on saturday, with  josh, naomi, and little eleanor in town, our group of friends had a college reunion of sorts. and like all reunions there was good food, plenty of laughter, and reminiscing.

but it was more than that.

there was a point when i leaned back in my chair, took note of the surroundings and the stories unfolding and thought, this meal is prayer made manifest. both prayer of the present as well as the future.

i studied the messy table littered with half-eaten food, crumbs that only eleanor could have made, and i sent up a silent plea: let there always be children. let there always be mess. and children's books. let there be plentiful food and drink. fresh flowers on the table. the music of a good joke and the subsequent cascade of laughter. let there be shared looks between old friends and the gentle palm of a hand on the back by someone who's seen you cycle through good, bad and all that is between. let there be love. of friends. of partners. of children. of another memory in the making.

thinking a trip to d.c. might be a good way to kick off the new year. more memories to be made. more stories to be told.