week three of this new year: january 15-21

this is the week i put on my suede pumps, colored my lips red and finally took in lincoln center's production of war horse. (it really is as stunning as they say--if you find yourself in new york, you must see it). this is the week i took in a lot of liquids--trading coffee and tea for warm noodle soup. (yes, that's right. this is the week i attempted to cut back on coffee consumption!). this is the week that after five weeks of not feeling well, i slowly started to lose my mind--began rubbing vic's vapo rub on my face (yes, you read that right), applying other salves to heal the tell-tale red just under my nose from where the tissue has marked the skin. this is the week i began dreaming of paris in the spring. may, perhaps? this is the week when new york got cold in a way that made me question if i'd actually survive this winter. truth be told? jury's still out.