linking up and such.

the above illustration is by Faye West. how gorgeous is her artwork? (her blog).

a brilliant article on chris brown and the message the media (or is the music industry? or maybe, both?) is sending to women by touting him as some sort of comeback-kid. (kudos to Zooey Deschanel and all the women of Hello Giggles for posting such exemplary content).

i really am half-in-love with this woman. and all the way there full-on-smitten with her words. in fact i'm thinking of taking her on as my life-coach, if she'll have me, of course.

as a firm believer that healthy eating is in large part experimentation--trial and error--figuring out what works now and why, i'm really thinking of giving this woman's i quit sugar program a go.  (i already bought and am loving her ebook). there is startling new stuff coming out suggesting that sugar is a toxin that must be regulated like alcohol and other drugs. i tend to trust this science more than others because no one really has any money to gain by advocating we drastically cut back on sugar. (think an end to processed foods as we know them, oh the money that would cost the country! but oh the boon to the quality of life!).

a little video for the play i'm in which opens on thursday (euf). {and yes, the bags under my eyes were less than ideal, but i was about three weeks into a crippling cold when that video was shot. my vanity request that you keep that in mind}.

i bought this print today. and am waiting for this one in the mail. i expect my next apartment will be filled mostly by books and framed words.

as for music i'm working on putting together a playlist, but for now, i'm stuck on this avett brother's tune (heaven help me, i'd like to make love inside that harmony) and this dawes anthem (on a separate but somehow related note, i'm thinking of finding myself a mountain man. plain shirts, rough hands and all).

and now for a little business: when there is time and i return to this corner of the internet i plan on writing about (1) food and my continuously changing relationship to it. (2) acting and why i stepped away from it and how i now regard the medium. and (3) what i did during the Super Bowl.

actually i can answer that last one now: i went to target. yes, you heard that right. super bowl sunday found me at a target in the bronx. i always go somewhere that is usually crowded in an uncomfortable way, because when the super bowl is on that all changes. whole foods and fairway (both grocery stores here in new york) are other favorites for that one night. 

i also plan on getting back to posting photos and sharing the ins-and-outs of life here on the island.

i thank you all (you readers, you) for your continued support and encouragement and patience with me as i give the blog a little less time while pursuing other passions.