links and such.

my laundry is done, but yet to be taken out of the basket. i can't seem to catch up on all the sleep i lost over the last seven weeks, but don't think i haven't seen some good things on this here world-wide-web:

this had me rolling. (those really good king of laughs).

the woman behind the dear, sugar writes essays and books. (really good ones). like this.

dr. dog was my first live concert so they hold a special place in my heart. their new album is quite good. in particular, this song makes so much sense to me.

speaking of songs: regina's got a new one!

i'm in need of some snow boots and these look pretty darn good. any thoughts?

speaking of snow, what are all the cool kids wearing on the slopes these days?

and finally, as if i didn't already love ron swanson...