it was spring break during my second year of college that i went and saw a life coach. depression had just hit and it was so dark and murky that i was grasping at anything that might help. i remember quite liking the women. her no-nonsense approach to certain things, her look-to-the-future attitude. one of the things i remember with startling clarity is that she had me list out the things i wanted in a life-partner. the idea was that if you were able to name the things you wanted than you were more likely to attract those things to you (energy and whatnot). there were three categories: deal-breakers, basics, and icing-on-the-cake.

i want a man who can ski well. that was my icing-on-the-cake, at least the one i remember.

here's what i have to say all these years later: i still want it. and it may not be such an icing-on-the-cake thing as a basic desire. and the good news (for me) is (1) that the majority of men who ski are extremely attractive and (2) the ratio of men to women on the mountain has to be something like 6:1.

all the men-gazing aside, there is just something about the mountains that centers me--reminds me of my size and place in this world, my own fragility, but mostly of that little seed of fearlessness i so seldom let out.

really must expose that to the sun more often.