a new season.

i didn't think spring would have a big effect on me this year. i wasn't longing for it, needing it--i mean, let's be honest, when a person pulls out her winter coat all of four times during the season i don't think we can in good conscience call it a winter. can we?

and yet. 

spring has arrived. and the windows are thrown open. and sunglasses are in demand. and the mornings--the sounds, the smell of it, the way the light plays on the hudson, it undoes me. truly. makes getting out of bed a bit easier. 

i'm not sure i'm so in love with spring as the transition into it. but then i wonder if the whole of the season isn't a transition--maybe that's what it is by definition. 

i'm only just now coming to understand that it is movement--those periods and seasons of great change and transition--that while terrifying, actually awaken.